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A home of inspirational poetry, music and video by Lisa Gabriel and her friends

What is the Realm of Photahsiamirabel

The Realm of Photahsiamirabel is a bijou publisher concentrating on the music, art, poetry and other writing of a very few friends. We do our best to produce well-designed professional looking output that is honest and faithful to the author. We do not take any submissions as we have no desire to be accountants, editors or publicists.

This website was initially created to share poetry and that remains a major focus. If you would like to see your poetry on the site we do have visitor pages and you are encouraged to become a member and to contact @persimew on Twitter for details on how to get a poem on the site. If your poem is included, please be aware that pages do rotate regularly. Please do not use Direct Messaging as Lisa the Bard very rarely reads DMs. If a tweet is worth sharing, a regular @persimew tweet should reach her and she is happy to RT good poetry. 

On this site you will find links to books and art work and also poetry by friends who have given permission to include their work for your enjoyment.

Thank you

Welcome to the Realm of Photahsiamirabel.

A home of Music and Poetry From The Heart….

The poems are stepping stones on a personal journey.

The journey continues....




To those bold enough

Life has many questions -

Love is the Soul answer....


June 14th 2005

Please note, new site members are always welcome, but not from yopmail addresses. Yopmail is an email service that provides both anonymity and the ability to hack websites by exploiting backdoors, therefore applications from yopmail are routinely rejected. Please join using your regular email if interested in our poetry.

My Songs....

The name of my site reflects my gratitude and Love for the Empress Photahsiamirabel who died in 2004 and still teaches me. My adorable ghost Persian who still runs around my house....

There are elements of the site presently still under review or construction.

Poetry pages will often rotate in visibility as the site was getting unwieldy. My first two poetry books can be purchased here directly. For other publications, please follow links.

All music on this site is composed or arranged by myself and I also sing (except the Unlock Reality page music which is composed by Geoff Middleton).

Some classical compositions are available in sheet music from

Score Exchange

If you like what you hear, please visit the links and connect on Linked In, or Twitter @Persimew

I have added pages for close friends who write poetry, these poems are printed with permission and all rights are reserved by the authors. Feel free to enjoy but not to copy....

Thank you!

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